Remember how excited you were when the pool in the backyard was new? Has the new worn off, and now, the pool needs some TLC? It happens, that’s why we’re here to help.

Have you considered why it’s important to keep your pool in good repair? Some pool owners are not aware that the parts to their pool are for more than appearance. Let’s talk about some of the most important elements of your swimming pool.


Did you know that tile serves a purpose beyond its attractive appearance? The tile is a line of defense that helps prevent a permanent water line from developing around your pool. Because tile is easier to clean than any other surface on your pool, you can enjoy its beauty and ease of cleaning. Also, pool tile acts as a sealant and helps increase structural integrity at the top of the pool wall, which increases the lifespan of your pool.    


The coping covers the top edge of the wall of a swimming pool and hangs over the edge. It hides the top of the pool’s walls and prevents water from getting behind them and from splashing on to the deck. The need for coping is an opportunity to add a decorative touch to your pool’s appearance. When installed, it angles away from the pool so the water will flow towards the deck drains. It’s made from a material that provides a surface that is not slippery when wet.  


Plaster has been used to surface pools for decades, because it functions well in a chemical-rich environment, such as the swimming pool water. However, the same chemicals its durable against can also wreak havoc on your pool’s plaster. Plaster can last for many years, even two decades or more, in a pool where the water chemistry maintained. But, when the waters neglected, and the chemicals are out of balance, the plaster deteriorates.

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